5 Green “Yard” Trends In New Houston Homes

In recent years, Texas home builders have been taking extra pride in constructing unique and innovative homes in an effort to attract buyers who might otherwise be looking for a resale or foreclosed home. One area that builders have noticeably taken a green initiative is the addition of “green” yards in the construction of new homes in Houston and the surrounding suburbs.

It is well known that Houstonians take pride in their outdoor living areas and in being good to the environment. Which is why if you already own a home, you may be looking to upgrade your patio there are a number of choices that you can make with conservation in mind. But being environmentally friendly is more involved than simply choosing plants that don’t need to be watered much. Here are some ideas to for overhauling your patio.

A smart irrigation system is one that is programmed to shut off the water when it rains and also adjusts the amount of water it delivers based on factors such as the temperature and how much your plants need on a particular day.

Outdoor lighting is one area that can certainly use attention and be made more eco-friendly. LEDs are a nice choice to replace your traditional flood and porch lights.

Steer clear of incandescent and halogen lighting for outdoors. Although you’ll pay more for LEDs, you may never have to replace them because they last so long. They use very little electricity, which will “lighten” your utility bill.

If you have an outdoor kitchen you should consider Energy Star appliances that’ll keep your electric bill in check and give you the peace of mind that you’re reducing your carbon footprint.

To be sure that your sliding glass door isn’t betraying your energy conservation efforts, replace it with an energy-efficient model. Ensure that it is heavy-duty and that it fits tightly. Look for the Energy Star label.

Consider limiting the number of plants you have to maintain, particularly if you’re short on yard space. Your annuals and vegetables will look nice in a container of travertine or pavers that match the decor of your patio area.

Houston’s climate allows for many measures that can ease the strain on our planet’s resources. This coupled with the sense of social responsibility among our city’s residents has already pushed many to make wise, green decisions when it comes to our homes.

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